Windows Surface

One of the most common questions that we get asked in the ILC Tech team is ‘Should I get a laptop or a tablet?’ Our answer usually is ‘It depends what you want to do with the device’. For those who want a laptop that acts like a tablet or vice versa, this may be an option for you.

Windows Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 are laptops in tablet form, they work just like a desktop PC. You can choose to have the traditional Windows desktop with taskbar, folders and icons (pictured below):

windows surface pro screen

Or, the Start screen which displays Apps and programs in the view pictured below:

 Windows surface pro

The Surface screen is a touch screen which means you can open Apps or programs by tapping on them, the touch screen will also work when it is in the traditional desktop view. It has USB 3.0 port meaning you can plug in external USB devices such as a keyboard, mouse or printer. Some other included features are Wi-Fi capability, Bluetooth, front and back facing camera, microphone and kickstand to prop the Surface upright.

Surface Pro Pic

Also included in the Microsoft Surface family are Windows RT and Surface 2, these devices are cheaper but unable to run the traditional desktop or software programs such as iTunes or Photoshop, they are only able to run Microsoft applications and Apps downloaded from the Windows Store.

We have the Windows Surface here on display at ILC, if you have any question or would like to book an appointment to come and have a look, please ring 9381 0665 and speak to one of our friendly therapists.